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Style on Trial: Brightly coloured high top trainers


As fully paid-up members of the Anti-Trainers league (Motto: Trainers – they really are just for the gym, you know…), there’s just no way we could judge these high tops from Topshop (£65) with any degree of impartiality at all. In fact, we can’t think of a single good thing to say about them: for one, they’re sneakers, and for two, they have that "look at me, I’m mad, I am" thing going on there with the colours, and that makes us shudder and reach for our peep toes every time.

Because of our bias against all forms of trainers/sneakers/whatever you want to call them, then, we’re turning this decision over to you, The Jury. You see, we’ve started to notice that brightly coloured high-tops have been sneaking under the fashion radar lately, and turning up in all kinds of stores where we previously wouldn’t have expected to see such a thing. This makes us suspect that they’re attempting a comeback. Will you welcome the high top trainers back with open arms, though, or will you be putting in a call to The Fashion Police requesting their immediate arrest?

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