First thing that came to mind: A “sexy period in …

Comment on Totally inexplicable shorts by Comme des Garcons by Ophelia.

First thing that came to mind: A “sexy period in 19th century” costume for Halloween. There, I said it.

Although they could double as a petticoat on a windy day…

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Fashion Police at the MET Costume Institute Ball: Rihanna
Earrings to frame her face.
Now it just floats between the black gown and black hair on the top.

GALLERY: The Fashion Crimes of the Year
Polititicaly incorrect, but I’ll say it anyway: Only a gay designer could have created the vagina dress without realising what he did. How could this go through the whole designing, pitching ect. production chain and nobody screamed vagina at some point?

Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Victim
“As far as I can make out, edgy occurs when middlebrow, middle-aged profiteers are looking to suck the energy — not to mention the spending money — out of the “youth culture.” So they come up with this fake concept of seeming to be dangerous when every move they make is the result of market research and a corporate master plan.”

Best definition of “Edgy” I came across so far – courtesy of Daria

Denim Wars: What’s your favourite type of jeans?
Bootcut with flats, straight with heels.

My calfs and booty don’t allow anything else. Skinies hug my calfes and look weird, and boyfriend jeans make me look frumpy. That’s what you get for having a classic 50s body-shape today.

POLL: What’s your favourite fashion season?
I almost said summer, open toes, heels, dresses…
But the trough is the autumn color palette with its golden-browns, dark greens, bordeux and so on looks best on me. They look out of place in summer 🙁

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