Topshop’s chiffon drape side skirt: not one for the clumsy!

Topshop chiffon drape side skirt

Well to begin with, it’s white. Which means that even if our officers did our best to avoid red wine all evening whilst wearing this skirt, red wine would find us. Or grease. Or grime. Or all of the above…

But more to the point, those draped sides – we just know they’re going to get caught in every single door we encounter. Particularly, we can’t help but feel, car doors, which brings us right back to the grime-factor – because those white drapes are going to be far from white by the time they’ve been dragged 15 blocks behind a taxi cab!

Nope, definitely not one for the klutzes amongst us…

But perhaps you could pull it off?

Chiffon drape side skirt, £35 from Topshop.

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