Yeti discovered at Topshop, turned into a coat

Ugly faux fur coat by KTZ

A long, long time ago, there lived a magical creature. Its fur was brown and grey… and also pink, and blue and green. It carried its magic in its shoulders: the biggest, most magical shoulders you can imagine! They had mystical powers, those shoulders. It’s said they could raise people from the dead, turn base metal into gold and make harem pants look good. It. Was. Amazeballs.

Then designers from KTZ found the magical creature, killed it, and turned it into this coat.

So that sucks.

Faux fur coat with large shoulderpads

It’s faux fur, of course. No magical creatures were ACTUALLY harmed in the making of this coat. Even although the fur is fake, though, it still looks like it’s been pre-sprayed by PETA, doesn’t it? And when you wear it, people will assume it’s real, and that animal activists have doused it in paint. That’ll be awesome.

Then there’s the back view:
Ugly faux fur coat with hood and shoulder padsSome people won’t be sleeping tonight, that’s for sure. Some of them will be called “The Fashion Police”.

If you,  meanwhile, won’t be able to sleep until you own this bad boy, you can click here to buy it from Topshop for £450. And no, that’s not a typo…

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