Style on Trial: Topshop Wallpaper Ombre Hourglass Dress

Topshop wallpaper dress

Well, there’s a lot going on here, isn’t there? For one thing, this dress looks a bit like it’s on fire. Or at least, it does to us, but that could be because we’re slightly blinded by all of the eyeball bleach we instinctively reached for as soon as we laid eyes on it.

Topshop describe it as a “wallpaper” dress. This, of course, made us wonder what kind of room would have walls like this? And who would live in such a room? You can leave your answers to that one in the comments box. Mostly, though, we just want to know whether it would be a super-stylish someone, or the type of someone The Fashion Police should be thinking about arresting. You see, we thought the answer to this one was obvious… but then we noticed that although this dress has only been online for a day or so, it’s already started to sell out in certain sizes, so we need to know what we’re up against here: will we soon be fighting off entire armies of wallpaper-wearers? And if so, should we fight back, or let them win?

This is £65 at Topshop. But is it innocent or guilty? 

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