Topshop sequin hotpant skirt: it’s exactly what it sounds like

Topshop Premium black chiffon sequin hotpant skirtOh Topshop.  Just when we thought you couldn’t produce anything worse, you go and surpass yourself and come out with this.  A sheer skirt stuck to a pair of gold sequin hotpants.  Perhaps we should be grateful that you are not encouraging people to wear the hotpants on their own and you are offering them something not quite resembling modesty?  Perhaps in this case, the stuck together aspect of the clothing is actually good thing?

Perhaps not.

If you want to buy this, Topshop are asking $110 in the US and £55 in the UK.

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  • December 23, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    Won’t the skirt catch on the sequins and end up having fluffy bits?

    I suspect it’s aimed at girls whose parents wouldn’t let them go out in just hotpants: if the skirt were separate, mother would guess it’ll be ditched, but daughter’s bound to retain her modesty if it’s attached, and no way is she going to just hoik it up under her corset belt…

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