Topshop mesh panel sleeveless gilet: perfect for keeping your chest cool

Topshop mesh panel sleeveless giletA body warmer with mesh panels inserted at the front and sides.  Perfect for those days when – actually, we can’t think of a time you would need a garment like this.  It’s cold enough to need an extra layer, but warm enough you need the aeration provided by the mesh?  Better wear a good bra is all we can say otherwise you are in danger of your, ahem, assets letting everyone know just how chilly it is out.  And for good measure, Topshop have added a hood.  Because, you know, you might need the extra warmth hood will provide with all that mesh letting in the draught.

Can you think of a good time to wear this?  If you can and you want to give it a try, you can buy it here, for £40.

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