@Jane and Georgette Interesting. Personally don’t see an issue …

Comment on Handbag of the Week: Topshop Grosgrain Nude Chain And Bow Long Strap Lock Detail Bag by nata.

@Jane and Georgette Interesting. Personally don’t see an issue here. The “nude” defines those pale pink/cream, light beige colors no matter who wears them – an Asian, an African, or a tanned Caucasian. Seriously, how many people do any of you know whose skin tone would exactly match the color of this bag? So, I don’t have a problem with using word “nude” as a generic term to describe those colors as there is no negative connotation.
It’s interesting to know what other people think. Should the word “nude” not be used?

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Are these even leggings?? Look like sheer striped-patterned hose to me…

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She looks way too short and stubby, without any contrast between the waist and hips/bust. It’s a miss .

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Adorable, I’d accent it with a thin complementary belt and team it with bright shoe – yellow, ocean-blue, or red as presented.

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It’s an adorable look for someone 10-15 years younger, not for a woman in her 30s.

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These are truly ridiculous, the idea itself doesn`t make sense. Why would anyone want to wear stilettos with an outfit that normally goes with the sneakers and vice versa – just silly. What`s next…a canvas sack dress with a couture gown painted on it to combine the affordable casual comfort and expensive glamour??

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