Hmn,Georgette has a point. Perhaps it’s time we relabelled that …

Comment on Handbag of the Week: Topshop Grosgrain Nude Chain And Bow Long Strap Lock Detail Bag by Jane.

Hmn,Georgette has a point. Perhaps it’s time we relabelled that traditional, one-eyed category “nude”.

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Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve?
Nothing at all. It was hot here and I went to bed before midnight.

Killing an Angel: Chloe Sevigny in Versus
Good god, no! It’s awful.

Dress of the Day: Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins Grey bird peplum dress
Ah, Dorothy Perkins – a name I haven’t been reminded of for years ( since it has no antipodean branches). My mother left school in the 1930s and went to work at DP behind their gloves counter. She rose to become a buyer before war broke out, when she was moved to a munitions factory.

Style on Trial: ASOS Jacquard Dress With Faux Fur collar
If she isn’t one of Santa’s little helpers, she’s certainly still young enough to believe him in.

The Two Dresses of Jessica Biel: Which is your favourite look?
The white dress. And one of the reasons I like it is that she’s been brave enough to cover her thighs and knees. I’m sick of the sight of celebrities who need to show us everything they’ve got by taking every garment they put on too low at the top and too high at the bottom, no matter whether it suits them or the style of the dress. Thanks, I feel better now.

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