Five Fashion Bloggers wear Topshop’s gingham print ‘Joni’ jeans

fashion blogger style | Topshop gingham joni jeans

Topshop’s gingham print ‘Joni’ jeans are the kind of thing we probably wouldn’t have given a second glance… until we saw them on our Five Fashion Bloggers:

Topshop gingham-print Joni jeans

Topshop gingham-print ‘Joni’ jeans, £38

If you’re a Topshop fan, you’re probably already familiar with the ‘Joni’ jeans, if not in this particular print, then in one of the many other colours they’ve been released in. A fashion blogger favourite, they’re a super high-waisted, skin-tight style which we’d probably have found a little bit intimidating if we’d come across them in-store, to be perfectly honest. The words “skin-tight” and “high-waist” are enough to make many of us break out into a cold sweat, so we’re particularly glad that our five featured fashion bloggers spotted the potential in them.

As it turns out, we think these jeans have TONS of potential. They may be a super-skinny style, but the combination of the high waist and gingham print also gives them a bit of a retro-inspired twist, which we love. While some of the fashion bloggers on this page have played up that look, others have gone for a much more contemporary feel, proving that these jeans are a lot more versatile than we might have assumed:

Here’s how they wore them:

Topshop gingham Joni jeans

BLOGCharissa Rae

Topshop gingham joni jeans

Blog: Tiny Twisst

fashion blogger style | Topshop gingham joni jeans

BLOG: I Wear My Wages

Topshop gingham print joni jeans

BLOG: Almost Apricot

what's in her wardrobe gingham jeans

BLOG: What’s In Her Wardrobe

We’re now sufficiently inspired to have added these to our Wish List, but what about you? Do you own these jeans? We’d love to hear how you style them, if so!

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