Topshop crochet one piece: A bikini in disguise?

What we have here readers is a ‘one thing pretending to be something else’ crime.  In this case it is a bikini, attempting to pass itself off as a one piece swimming costume.  We’re not fooled though, especially when we see the back view.  Joining the two sections of a bikini together with a little bit of crochet does not a one piece make.  In fact, joining the two sections of the bikini bottoms together with crochet at the sides does not a flattering swimsuit make.  And won’t someone please think of the tan lines!

What do you think though?  Do you like this enough to risk the web-like suntan pattern you will surely get from wearing this to the beach?  Do you want to people to ask how such an horrendous ladder got in the front of your costume (because the more we look at this, the more it reminds us of laddered tights)?  If you do, you can buy this for £32 here.


  • July 9, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    Can imagine it getting very saggy in the water…

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  • July 10, 2010


    i havent seen one of these since i was a kid. years. decades. it’s–let’s call it an hommage to a semi-common, more-than-semi-sophisticated bathing ensemble {if you will} from the mid-late 70s. you can probably find one sold by a used dealer if you insert the proper search terms where they belong inside yr browser.

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