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Topshop commit yet another Stuck-Together-Clothes Crime


Tragic. This poor dress was just innocently minding its own business when WHAM! There’s a cardigan stuck to it and it can’t get free, OMG!

We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in this kind of crime recently: it seems nothing is safe from the stuck-togetherness right now, so we’re issuing a warning to all of you –  be on your guard. Do not leave your clothing unattended, or you may return to find it stuck to something else. And we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Still, at least there is hope for those poor people who are completely incapable of working out for themselves which cardigan to wear with a dress. Coming soon: dresses with cardigans, underwear, tights, shoes and jackets stuck to them! Surely that’s then next step, after all?

Knitted 2 in 1 dress, £40, Topshop

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