Style on Trial: TOMS Shoes


TOMS shoes have been filtering into The Fashion Police consciousness for a while now, and we have to admit, we’re confused. We’re confused because almost everything we’ve read about TOMS, even from our fellow fashion bloggers, has been overwhelmingly in favour of them, and yet, when we look at them, we’re still seeing slip on canvas shoes that look like they may have been designed for people with particular foot problems or walking difficulties.

So, is it just us? We know that TOMS Shoes seem to be a laudable company – the soles are recycled and for every pair of shoes you buy, the company donates a pair to a child in need. So far, so good. But… we’re still seeing orthopedic shoes, only without the support.

Help us out here: tell us what it is that you love about these shoes, if, indeed, you’re one of their many fans…

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  • March 5, 2008


    I don’t care for the shoes themselves style-wise, though I will say I would buy a pair to have on hand as house shoes. I support the cause, and they look like a handy thing to have on hand to go get the mail in. But would I buy them on style points? Probably not.

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