Coat Corner: Tofu belted wool coat in purple

Purple_wool_coat_2 This winter, we’ve been finding ourselves mostly lusting after coats of many colours. The colours don’t have to all be in the same coat, of course – in fact, we’d rather they weren’t – but give us purple, red, blue, green, and we’ll be happy. Anything but black, in other words.

This lovely bright purple coat, then, is by Tofu, and has more or less everything we’re into right now, namely the bright colour plus a slightly unusual design which will help it stand out. We don’t normally like empire waistlines as a rule, but we find them much easier to wear on coats than on dresses, so we could live with this one quite easily.

This is £68, and is available at ASOS Red, which is where have been selling “labels for less” for the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited it yet, it’s well worth a visit – this coat, for instance, has a retail price of £167, so there are definitely savings to be had!

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