Tis the season to sparkle: Topshop Premium heavily embellished trousers

Everyone wants to dress to impress in the festive season, and there’s no way to make a statement quite as emphatically as adorning your lower body with sparkly sequins, right? In which case, Topshop Premium’s Heavily Embellished trousers are the answer to your party-season prayers!

Of course, all those packed-out Christmas parties, made all-the-warmer by the festive dancing, can get a little too toasty for some… But if you’re concerned about overheating in such heavily embellished garments, worry not, for Topshop have the answer!

Simply opt instead for their skimpier little sister, the Copper Sequined Dollar shorts!

Ahhh, Topshop, you think of everything!

Topshop Premium Heavily Embellished Wide Leg Trousers: £260 and Topshop Copper Sequined Dollar Shorts: £55.

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