Time to add Louisa Via Roma to your ‘Not Safe for Work’ list

Louisa Via Roma: designer fashion retailer, beloved by fashionistas everywhere. They sell Christian Louboutin shoes, Dolce & Gabbana dresses, exquisitely made handbags… Oh yeah, and this:

tulle nun outfit

They describe it (not inaccurately) as a “tulle nun oufit”, and charge £200 for it. Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re not totally naive. We know there are people who probably have a use for this kind of thing – and we’re not talking about actual nuns, by the way – and we offer no judgement on that: it’s the context that was a little confusing. Well, it’s just not the kind of thing you expect to find when you’re window shopping for a designer handbag, or scrolling past the aforementioned  aforementioned shoes, bags and other fairly “mainstream” clothing and accessories that a site like Louisa Via Roma is known for. Is this the way fashion is going, we wonder? Should we be concerned? Will we have to start viewing sites like Net-a-Porter and Louisa Via Roma only in the privacy of our own homes, just in case our boss catches us looking at sexy nun costumes on the internet? Or has Halloween just come early this year?

Whatever the reason for the existence of this outfit, we’d just like to remind you that, should you choose to buy it, your nipples WON’T actually be Photoshopped in real life, so unless you want to risk arrest by the ACTUAL police, and not just us, we’d suggest making this an “indoor only” outfit, or wearing something undereath/on top. (Actually scratch that: we’d just suggest wearing it at home, if you must – the general public don’t need to see this.)

Oh, and if the idea of dressing as a sexy nun doesn’t appeal, there’s also a maid’s outfit available, although you’ll need an extra £88 for that one:

sexy maid's outfit

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