Style on Trial: Tie Dye


Is tie-dye about to make a come back? Topshop presumably think so, anyway, because tucked away amongst those sublime blazers we featured earlier today, I found these faintly ridiculous skirts, in one of the 70s favourite washes.

What does tie-dye say to you? To me, it says "Bought from a tourist emporium in Magaluf, along with a straw donkey and a souvenir t-shirt", but that’s just me. Will you be glad to see the return of tie dye, or would you be happy to send it back to the era it came from? 


  • January 9, 2008


    To me tie-dye says “clueless hippie” and there’s just nothing worse than hippies.

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  • January 9, 2008


    I saw these skirts about 4 years ago when I visited Dallas, Texas and went to the Neiman Marcus flagship store. For “some reason” Juicy Couture, who made the skirt, didn’t sell them outside of the south.

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  • September 14, 2010


    I like tie-die. It’s fun.

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