Tie dye is taking over! Tie dye trousers by Topshop Unique

Tie_dye_trousers We’re rapidly coming to the conclusion that tie-dye brings out the worst in some designers. Having made the decision to use this most horrible of patterns on an item, it’s almost as if they just shrug their shoulders and say, "Screw it – if the colour’s going to be messy, the rest of it may as well be messy too…"

So it is with these tie dye trousers by Topshop Unique. While far from the worst example of tie dying we’ve ever seen, the unattractive colour (It’s what mold would look like if mold was blue rather than green) is matched only by the droopy pockets, shapeless legs and suspiciously high waist (or is it a low crotch?).

If none of this bothers you, of course, you can pick them up for £60 at Topshop

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