It’s kind of cute, but more funny. These look …

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It’s kind of cute, but more funny. These look like beauty pageant photos. I bet she had loads of fun dressing up and playing grown up for these photos.

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Style Trial: River Island denim cut out stud sleeveless shirt dress
this is some great punk rock chic. would love to rock this at concert and after party. this is not day wear.

Style Trial: American Apparel Disco pants
I would wear the hell out of some disco pants with a crop top and I have a rear and a set of thighs in size “Coco”. And I would definitely wear a short top. And I am not skinny. At all. I have a tiny waist.

But I could rock these.

Furry Fashion from Omer Asim
Why!!!! Why must my eyes linger longingly at this horrific scene?! I have to admit that I would like a midi length pencil skirt with two toned fur on the front. I’m sorry.

But this blouse and sheer skirt look atrocious.

Hairy Legs are Back in Fashion

Chewbacca called: he’d like his leggings back…
Oh NO! Everyone reading this: Please beat me for saying the following;


I am terribly sorry for this outburst of love for something so unnaturally ugly. I promise not to purchase them or any low cost version thereafter. Why do I love these atrocious leggings?! Whyyyyy!!!!!

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