Sexualizing children aside, the fashion industry really needs to stop …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Spooki.

Sexualizing children aside, the fashion industry really needs to stop using children and pre-pubescent teens to sell clothing and accessories to grown women.

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Ask TFP | Why are you so pale?
When people ask me why I’m so pale I just stare at them and respond that I’m pale because it’s my skin color… DUH. My mom’s side of the family is all ginger Swedes, it’s genetic. While my skin isn’t gingery and does tan (too easily I might add) I choose not to because I’d rather not have cancer and look like a leather couch in my 30s.

I’ve seen better shoes with butt-and-leg heels, can’t say I like any of them. Also why do more than one of these exist???

Double the Crime, Double the Time: fringed shorts and caged bustier
It looks like her boobs are wearing sunglasses.

Also, high waisted and high cut shorts need to GTFO. Never flattering, especially from behind!

Frankenshoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Kick It’ platform boots
EW EW EW. This looks like it would cause the wearer to trip very easily. I seriously think they gathered a group of people together to create a way to make an even uglier Lita. Success I suppose…

Style Trial: January Jones does 60s style in pink shift dress
It’s actually not a dress… it’s a onesie/ jumpsuit thing. It’s just that it’s so poorly fitted on her you can’t tell it’s supposed to be short shorts.

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