When I look back on photos of my 10 year-old …

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When I look back on photos of my 10 year-old self, I see a tomboy in jeans and sweatshirts. My mum wanted me to be girlier and she did allow me to dress up in her Biba slingbacks and short frocks once I started to appreciate fashion, but it was within the privacy of my bedroom with my school friends. Once over the threshold of my bedroom door I had to be suitably attired for a 10 year-old girl. As someone who is now frock-mad, and alluring ones at that, I’m very glad my glamorous mother instilled those rules.

I wonder how this little girl is going to feel looking back. Whatever “point” the photographer or French Vogue wanted to make, they’ve totally missed it, and like everyone else here I can see a beautiful little girl posed to look sexy. It’s not right!! And it’s not right that her parents have allowed it. One day she probably will be a beautiful, successful model, but the memory of these photos will mar it in my opinion.

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Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion?
To Betty:

If we were talking about a 16 or even 15 year-old, I would agree with you. However we’re talking about a 10 year-old who was probably nine when the photos were shot. And 10 year-olds often want to do a lot of things that their parents shouldn’t allow. I wanted to sneak out and meet my friends in the middle of the night, but my parents discovered and that was the end of that.

Maybe she did want to dress up and have her photos taken, but even if she thought it would be fun to wear adult women’s clothes and make-up, it doesn’t make it right. She hardly looks like she’s raided her mother’s wardrobe here, she looks like a little girl made to look sexy. Very wrong!

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