Totally irresponsible of the parents and shows disturbing (s)exploitation. Just …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Couture Coco.

Totally irresponsible of the parents and shows disturbing (s)exploitation. Just no.

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Vivienne Westwood hates Kate Middleton’s eyeliner
I think Catherine’s doing a great job sartorially and on the whole with her make up too. However, I do not think she needs the harsh line on the lower lids. It would be so much better and more flattering to have a pencil smudge there. I hope she’ll change as she gains even more confidence.
She used to wear even less make up but she the run up to her engagement she obviously decided more coverage was needed and since she does her own make up – and why shouldn’t she? – it’s hard to change – I just hope it doesn’t become ‘security blanket’.
Diana had to be weaned off the blue eyeshadow she was so very fond of in the beginning.

Ask The Fashion Police: Can I wear maroon and teal together?
No, it’s teal and fuschia pink together 🙂

Five Things The Fashion Police Would Never Wear
Agree with all yous, here’s my list:
1. mini dresses or skirts – mid thigh or even tinier – why do these women bother with a skirt at all?
2. platforms unless it’s very discreet = .5″
3. heels higher than 4″ – looks truly stupid on petite me
4. racer back anything – not even in the pool
5. anything that shows too much cleavage.

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: The Green-Skirted Monster
LOL! Surely this is the sort of thing only Miss World and Miss Universe contestants wear?

Even Worse from the Back: Graeme Armour’s frill trousers

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