I find this so incredibly sickening. We live in a …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Jen.

I find this so incredibly sickening. We live in a society that is appalled by people such as pedophiles and yet here we are creating them by making little girls into models and sexualizing little girls in pageants. I realize that she isn’t the only young model that is being dressed and posed like this but that doesn’t change the fact that this is absolutely wrong. The way I see it, if we don’t want to have creeps like pedophiles in the world then we shouldn’t have non-adult girls as highly sexualized models or have shows on t.v. such as Toddlers and Tiaras where little 2 and 3 year olds (along with the older children in the pageants) are treated like little adults and made to look like them. Whatever happened to the days when a little girl could run around in a t-shirt and a pair of overalls or a jumper and have childhood adventures? I’m not saying that little girls can’t dress cute or anything, I’m just saying that what they wear needs to be age appropriate. Like one of the comments above stated, these little girls need to be dressing up in fairy wings or dressing in wizard costumes, etc. They don’t need to be dressing like they are already sexy adults. Our world seriously needs to wake up and let these CHILDREN keep their innocence while they can and experience the little bit of childhood that they have to experience. Don’t rip it away from them and make them into something that they aren’t!

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I love the Cinderella costume but I think it would have looked so much better if she would have toned down the make-up some and lost some of the gaudy jewelry.

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This dress looks like a cheap sack with a belt…and her hair looks like mine in the mornings when I’m late for class. Not flattering at all!

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It’s an ok dress but I feel like the way the bottom is designed makes it looks very tattered.

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The shoulders of the dress remind me of the horrors of shoulder pads. I think the dress looks a bit too old for her to be honest.

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I think the words “disgusting” and “hideous” are a tad harsh here but this dress does look like something a grandmother would wear to a fancy event though.

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