Well the way pictures were taken doesn’t give the suggestion …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Regia Repeller.

Well the way pictures were taken doesn’t give the suggestion of girls playing to be adults, but girls acting like adults in a serious way.

If you look for the complete session in google, you will even see a lot of elements that imply sexualization of the infants models

for example, in one shoot there are lots of rabbits, which are symbols of fertiliy, one of those even looking at the crotch of the girl

in others there are words like cadeaux, which means gifts, and then a young children under a christmas tree

so ver wrong

there is the roumor that carine roitfield, who was the editor of vogue at the time this pictures were released, was fired after this incident


maybe people were really complaining a lot about this issue!
why? because it is wrong

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she is a beautiful woman

I mean, look at those eyes !

Why is it so hard for her to wear something, mmm, prettier?

I agree about the shoes, they are cool

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What was she trying to prove?

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Oh my God !

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the dress is pretty, the kind that I would wear on a monday morning to my office

the shoes are hideous !

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