Rompers, playsuits, and onesies – those are appropriate for a …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Rachel Gray.

Rompers, playsuits, and onesies – those are appropriate for a ten year old. Stilettos and tiger skins with come-hither poses… gross! What is wrong with people?!!?

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Seriously, my daughters can wear leggings any way they wish because they are beautiful girls and that is a FACT, not Mother’s biased opinion. That said, I can wear leggings with tunics or caftans, which are appropriate to the dignity of my age and which also cover my backside sufficiently. That latter part is key, I think, to wearing leggings: bottom covered by one’s top.

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Denim dress, mid-length; dark brown tights, dark brown Mary Jane’s (Dansko), Dark brown turtleneck, and denim jacket…

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It is reasonable to expect a Lagerfeld to use fashion-minded criteria to assess the woman.
Did Lagerfeld judge by the criteria used by the philosopher of science?
I think not, Madame.

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The red stripey one, because you could hide your tin foil hat underneath the cap. Fight aliens in style!

Pubic hair…?

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