I agree that she’s a very pretty girl, and that …

Comment on Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion? by Louise.

I agree that she’s a very pretty girl, and that one day she’s probably going to make a beautiful model… but now is not the time. I personally think there’s nothing wrong with girls going into their mothers wardrobes and playing dress up, sure I did it when I was a child, but that’s not emblazoned across the pages of a fashion magazine. The photographs are too provocative, the fashions too grown up and there are too many sickos out there to be publishing this sort of stuff. Definitely more disturbing than anything, and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable to allow my daughter (if I had one) to post in those photographs.

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Kate Middleton doesn’t buy new clothes for a wedding: do you?
If I could afford a Diane Von Furstenberg dress then I’d probably wear it to every wedding from now until next millenium, I’d also tell everyone at said weddings that it was a DVF! Lol. As a rule though, I don’t even like to wear the same things if I go out with a same group of friends, so certainly would want different outfits for different weddings. Kate is so gorgeous though, she can get away with it.

Heels are a fashion faux pas in the office, says survey. What do you think?
I work in an office with a very relaxed dress code, and as such the things people wear varies from very conservative suits, right through to me in my floral dresses or suchlike. Since I’m jobhunting though in a more corporate environment, I’ve started paying more attention to buying some more ‘office appropriate’ clothes, and one of the pairs of shoes I’ve bought are pointed heels in chocolate brown. What on earth could be wrong with them? They are smart, they look like you’ve tried to look presentable and it’s far better than plodding round in UGG(ly) boots. I think surveys like this one are complete tosh… most people are too busy trying to hold onto their jobs in offices to be examining what footwear you have on.

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