Thong back bodysuits: the ‘noughties’ version of the nineties “classic”


We should have seen this coming. We did, after all, anticipate the return of the bodysuit, and back in July, when we broke the horrible news that the body suit was making a comeback, we found ourselves mussing on the things we’d hated about the "body" back in the nineties. Chief of these was the sheer discomfort caused by the "popper" fastenings that would fasten under the crotch, creating an uncomfortable bulge where no bulge should be, chafing horribly if you tried to wear them with jeans or trousers, and giving you a wedgie if you tried to wear them with anything that wasn’t a thong underneath.

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the ideal way to get around this, wasn’t it? We can just imagine that lightbulb moment when someone in a board room somewhere (probably stroking a white cat at the time and sipping from a glass of Scotch on the rocks) said, "I know! Rather than wearing it with underwear, the bodysuit can be the underwear! And it can be thong underwear!"

And thus was born the thong back body suit. We have to admit, it does solve some of the problems we’d hitherto had with the "body", but we’re still going to be saying a firm "no" to it, for two reasons:

1. It’s a body suit

2. When we visit the bathroom – particularly public bathrooms – we prefer not to have to strip naked, thanks.

If you have no such qualms, however, this is £40 at ASOS.   

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