This is what a £1,000 designer handbag looks like

designer handbag

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Yes, we were a bit surprised too, to be honest. Well, when you hear the words “designer handbag” and “£1000 of your British pounds,” you’re probably NOT expecting it to look like a Pinterest project gone wrong, are you? Just like how the words “biker jacket” don’t normally bring this kind of thing to mind, either:

biker jacket

On the other hand, these ARE pretty much what we think of when we read the words “waxed stretch cotton twill cargo pants”:

cargo pants

(No idea how the shoes are supposed to be described. Not asking.)

And these seem like a pretty standard pair of lurex stretch pants:

lurex stretch pants

(Actually, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen these decorating toilets in photos of houses from the 70s. You know those sets, which have a little cover for the toilet seat, one to go around the base of the toilet, and a “doll” to place over your spare toilet roll? These may be trousers, but they still remind us of toilet decorations. No, that’s not a compliment.)

studded jeans

Regardless of what you want to call these, however (Louisa Via Roma call them ‘lace-up washed and studded denim jeans’, for the record), we’re going to call them, “really uncomfortable looking”. We could be being unfair here, obviously: it’s certainly possible that you could lace yourself into a pair of tight jeans and not end up with the inprint of the laces on your thighs, but we’re going to let you be the ones to test that theory, if it’s all the same to you. Comfort aside, we STILL think they look better than these:

awesome ripped jeans

Louisa Via Roma describe these as “awesome” (No, really – it’s in the product name and everything”), which, once again goes to show that one person’s crime of fashion is another person’s idea of the most awesome pair of jeans ever. And that’s why we love fashion.

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