Things We Didn’t Know We Needed (and still don’t): Organza bib from Topshop


In our world, bibs are for two groups of people:

1. Babies

2. Runners. Or maybe other people who're out on the road at night and need something fluorescent to make sure they can be seen.

Which is why we were surprised to find that Topshop apparently think there is a third group of people who need to be wearing bibs:

3. Us. (Or maybe you: we don't think Topshop have been aiming their wares at The Fashion Police for some time now…)

Luckily the bib in question is organza rather than fluorescent or baby pink/blue, but even so, we're puzzled: why would we need it? Sure, the frill on the front is pretty, but surely that could've been attached to a normal top? You know, one that doesn't tie at the sides? And if you wear it over the top of something else (which we pray to God is the intention here) won't it just look a bit.. unnecessary?

Can anyone help us solve this case? Why would we need an organza "bib"? (If you've figured it out, and you want it, it's £40, and selling out fast, so get it here…)

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