The “Too Early for That Dress” Award: Paris Hilton

Paris hilton red low cut dress Last week the Courtney Love “Too Early for That Dress” Award went to Lindsay Lohan for her performance in “Dressing Like an 80s Hooker in the Afternoon”.

This week we’re giving the award to Paris Hilton. Love the dress, Paris, (even if it is just a wee bit low cut, and by that we mean “your boobs would be bustin’ out if you had any”) but why are you wearing evening attire to go shopping at Betsey Johnston?

On the same day this picture was taken, Paris was filmed giving $100 to an old homeless dude at McDonald’s Drive-Thru. Wasn’t that nice of her?  Next time, though, she could maybe hold some cash back and, I dunno, maybe buy herself a nice wrap or something?

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