The Wrong Trousers: Mango’s J-L Pincho trousers


Not nearly droopy and baggy enough to be "proper" harem pants, and not high enough in the crotch to give you a fighting chance of looking like you haven’t picked up the wrong size of pants by mistake, these trousers from Mango are just thoroughly perplexing in every way. We’ve already established that the drop-crotch dress pant is all kinds of wrong, but what’s strangest about these ones is the half-heartedness of them. It’s like they really wanted to be proper drop-crotch pants, but something held them back at the crucial moment, so they ended up looking just a little bit drop-crotched instead.

The effect of this? You won’t even look like you’ve made a conscious decision to wear dropped-crotch pants – a fashion statement, if you will. You’ll just look like you’re wearing someone else’s trousers.

As we said: perplexing

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