I love flip flops but these are ugly. Could you …

Comment on The World’s Most Expensive Flip Flops by Sally.

I love flip flops but these are ugly. Could you imagine spending $18,000 – and the leaving one of them at the beach?! But, I see this is for a good cause so the intention is probably not that they be worn.

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Style Trial: Pointed toes on shoes
I’ve always loved pointy toes but had finally come around to liking the rounded toes. I’ll throw out the really exaggerated pointed toe ones – the ones with a crease across as they were so long – and hopefully I now have a nice mix of shoes I can wear depending on what I’m wearing and how I feel!

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Oh no – definitely not looking my best! Flip flops (stripey top, seagrass). Lulu Lemon clingy pants (trousers?). Grey t-shirt. Really, really scruffy teal green hoodie from American Eagle. Why? I’m doing laundry……. 🙂

Cute or Creepy? Daniel Pellilo Bunny t-shirt dress
Creepy. Very creepy. And honestly, there is an age when you should stop wearing animal cartoon faces on your clothes – like about 11.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wears Jesire & Prada to the National Portrait Gallery
I love the collar on this dress.

Kate Middelton wears Zara, has higher hemline than usual
It’s quite pretty, but all the photos I saw of her, she looked very un-confident, kind of like she wished she had worn a longer skirt.

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