Totally agree, a painting would be much better but If …

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Totally agree, a painting would be much better but If you want to help the charities why not donate the money directly to them, that way you won’t be stuck with that ugly piece of art and you’ll know for sure the money is going to them.

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IMPORTANT! There is nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky’s baby bump! We are not the E! Network! Everyone calm down!
I don’t know why people are being so sensitive about this. I saw that video and didn’t think too much if it, am I missing something here? They said the dress wasn’t flattering and it isn’t, it looks odd. The woman is gorgeous, not doubt about it, the didn’t say her bum was ugly, just that it looked weird in that dress. And it does.

Fashion Confessions: The mailman thinks I never get dressed
I work from home as well so if there’s a deadline to be met, and I still havea lot of work to do I can spend all day in my gown typing like mad. I also have home and outside clothes. Some days I just know wearing a nice dress and shoes is gonna be a waste, so I turn to my not-so-nice jeans and t-shirts I don’t care to be seen in, but that I wouldn’t miss either.

Hands up, this is a Fashion Police bust!
It’s a poncho onesie, obvs.

Gladiator sandals make a comeback, Fashion Police weep
I love gladiator sandals, not this particular pair but I have a pair that I love.

Fashion Criminals? Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron at the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman
At least Charlize Theron’s dress looks like a dress! The other one is just awful, it doesn’t seem to fit properly and her posture makes it even worse.

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