The Worishofer shoe: the hot new trend in footwear?

So, these are being touted as the hot “new” fashion in shoes.

We’ll just give you a moment to digest that news, shall we?

They’re Worishofer’s 251 sandals, and if you’re thinking they look like orthopaedic shoes, that’s because they are orthopaedic shoes: they were originally developed for bunion-sufferers, but are now apparently the style choice of celebrities like Maggie Gyllenhaal , Kirsten Dunst, and Michelle Williams,  all of whom have been spotted out and about rocking their Worishofers, causing some sectors of the fashion press to whip themselves into a frenzy and describe them as the “hottest celebrity must-have”. We’d say this’ll never catch on, but then again, we said that about Crocs, and look how THAT turned out. Stranger things have happened in fashion, and let’s just say we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see editorials in the glossies on “How to Make the Worishofer Work for You”. Aren’t you glad you’re not a fashion victim, and thus won’t feel obliged to follow that advice, folks?

We can obviously understand people wearing these because of foot health issues, but what about those picking them up purely as a fashion statement? Will you be joining them, we wonder, or has the media jumped the gun in deciding these are the next big thing in footwear? If you want to follow in the (probably very comfortable) footsteps of Maggie, Kirsten and Michelle, they’re available at Amazon, and you can see Maggie G in hers under the jump.

What do you think?

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