The UK’s Tops 10 Fashion Crimes, according to Lakeside Shopping Centre

Fashion-crimes For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Lakeside is a large mall in Essex, England. They've just conducted a poll to try and work out what the UK's worst fashion crimes are, and here's what they found:

1. Showing off a flabby midriff 61%

2. Shell suit tucked into socks with trainers 47%

3. Showing G-string above the jeans 36%

4. Socks with sandals 33%

5. Sporting a builder's bum 27%

6. A ‘muffin top’ over low cut jeans 22%

7. Head to toe animal print 22%

8. A mullet hair cut 16%

9. Head to toe Burberry check 15%

10. Wearing black shoes with white socks 14%

What do you think, readers: do you agree with these?

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