The Ugliest Trousers of 2013

The Ugliest Trousers of 2013 from

Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope you had a good Christmas if you were celebrating, and that you’re enjoying the holiday season. Our officers are currently responding to fashion emergencies only, so today we’re continuing our look back at the fashion crimes of 2013, with a roundup of some truly terrible trousers.

Trousers account for a large section of the Fashion Police jail, and rather than attempting to sort them into their various categories, we’ve decided simply to lump them all together: ugly pants, united in crimes. Trousers, leggings, shorts, jumpsuits – if it has two legs, basically, and we arrested it in the past year, you’ll find it here.

Oh, except for jeans. Jeans have their own section of the jail, and we’ll be visiting it shortly. For now, here are some of the ugliest trousers of 2013!

Gallery: The Ugliest Trousers of 2013

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