The Ugliest Trousers of 2014

the ugliest trousers of 2014

The holiday season is almost upon us, and, it being the season of goodwill and all that, The Fashion Police generally like to declare a fashion crime amnesty at this time of year, allowing fashion criminals to go forth and do their worst, without fear of arrest.

While our officers take a break from hunting down new crimes of fashion, however, we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the items already in our jail. We’re starting off with the trousers section, which encompasses shorts, jeans, jumpsuits – anything with two legs, in other words. Or sometimes with just one, actually. Well, you know how these fashion crimes can be.

Here are some of what we think were the ugliest trousers of 2014:

mohair jeans

2014 will always be remembered as the year we discovered that mohair jeans exist. Nothing will ever be the same again.

jogging pants jeans

Sweatpants and jeans, together at last!

Dsquared mud spattered jeans

DSquared Mud Spattered Jeans

This year you could pay over £300 for these designer jeans, complete with designer mud spatter Рor you could just jump in a muddy puddle in your OWN jeans. Your choice.

bellbottom trousers

Bellbottom trousers gone mad

No wonder the model is scratching her head in confusion.

saggy catsuit

For those whose main stylistic aim is to look as much like a cartoon character as possible, meanwhile, there was this.


Who said pantaloons couldn’t be stylish? OH yeah: pretty much everyone.

loose dungarees

[buy them]

Um… they’re probably really comfortable?

the ugliest jeans in the world

Back in May, we described these as “possibly the ugliest jeans in the world.”¬†Then we found these:

fringe jeans

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new winner!

And, last, but by no means least…

fashion crime of the year

Was this the fashion crime of the year? We think it just might have been.

Sadly, as these are all items from our 2014 archive, most of them are no longer available to buy, but we’ve done our best to link up the ones which are.

And with that, all that’s left is for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating: Happy Holidays, everyone!

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