The Ugliest Dresses of 2011

Roundup of ugly dresses

As we continue our look back at the worst fashion of the year just gone (or just about to go, rather), we come to one of the worst criminals of all: the ugly dress.

2011 was a good year for dresses in some ways. The revival of the midi dress, the popularity of skater styles and the continuing influence of shows like Mad Men and Pan Am made for some really great styles.

Then there were the rest.

Sadly, the Boob Window and Shress were repeat offenders on the dress scene this year, and we took more see-through dresses with gaping holes at the most inconvenient places into custody than you had hot dinners. Probably.

Our old enemy, the Sack Dress, also made a return to prominence in 2011, forcing its shapeless, unflattering self onto models everywhere. Thankfully, we’ve yet to see much evidence of the sack dress in real life, but don’t worry, we’re keeping a close eye on the situation.

But enough of this talk: you just want to see some ugly dresses, don’t you? Well, here they are – and if you need the product details (we can’t imagine why you would, but you never know), you’ll find them all here.

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