This is hilarious, because a few days ago I saw …

Comment on The Tube Flop: a flip-flops-stuck-to-legwarmers crime by Simone.

this is hilarious, because a few days ago I saw these in a magazine, and I thought ‘the Fashion Police would just love these’…

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Harem pants were the biggest fashion crime of 2009: official!
Guys. HAREM SHORTS. Just sayin’.

Fashion Police declare State of Emergency as Snuggie holds a fashion show
I totally understand someone wearing a Snuggie at home, lounging around. sure, do whatever you want – IN YOUR OWN HOME. NOT ON A RUNWAY. HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU, SNUGGIES.

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs S/S 2010
awh man… usually I love Marc Jacobs. that but a bit of a damper on my afternoon.
ps: the phrase ‘bum bag’ actually makes me snigger, so I think we’re even. : )

What to Wear With Thigh High Boots, Part 1
I would wear Cmap’s in a heartbeat!

GaGaGallery: MTV Video Music Awards 2009- Lady Gaga performs covered in blood
really, Taylor Swift is the Carrie of the night, because of jerkface Kanye.

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