The ‘Toe-G’ – lingerie for the feet


Now, we’re not saying these are ugly, exactly. It’s more that they provide a solution to a problem we genuinely didn’t know existed: namely, what do you do when you want to go barefoot, but still look like you’re wearing shoes?

Maybe we just don’t get out much, but this is a dilemma we’ve yet to encounter. If you have, though, the Toe-G is aimed at you. It’s basically a “g-string” for your toes – no sole, no support, literally just a thong for your feet. It was originally developed for barefoot brides getting married on the beach, but of course, you can wear it anywhere you like, really.

Would you wear it, though? A Toe-G of your own will cost you $24.75 and there’s a range of styles available on the company website, which you’ll find here. Will you be buying?

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