The Suspender Bikini: at last!


  Bikinis are just so hard to wear, aren't they? Seriously, aren't bikinis hard to wear? One minute you'll be prancing around the pool, the next your bikini bottoms have just dropped right off and you're exposing your ass to world. What's a girl to do?

Well, of course, you could just make sure you buy the right size. We find that works. Or, you could go for the equally effective, but ever-so-slightly puzzling method of wearing suspenders (or "braces", as we call them in the UK) to keep 'em up. Look, Vans have created a bikini with the suspenders attached, how about that? And you can also wear it next time you want to dress up as an American Apparel model, into the bargain!

We're going to stick with our regular bikinis, if it's all the same to you, Vans, but if you'd like to buy this one, it's $32 from Karmaloop.

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