The Spice Girls get a new look – but do you like it?


So, the Spice Girls are to reform, this time with Victoria’s boobs as the sixth member. What do you think of their new style, though?

It’s certainly a relief to see that Mel B dumped the animal print for today’s press conference, and is actually looking fairly restrained for her. Geri? Not so much, really. Better than yesterday’s see-through dress, certainly, but we never were ones for maxi dresses, and she looks like she’s off yodeling in the mountains, not setting off on a world-wide arena tour.  Baby, I see is still into the platform look, although she is having a baby of her own, and pregnancy seems to suit her. Mel C looks great – which is ironic, really, given that she always used to look like a snotty nosed little kid. Which brings us to Victoria, who is playing "look how skinny I am!" again in her skintight PVC trousers (good job it hasn’t been a hot summer, eh?) and pushing out her unfeasibly large breasts. Okaaay.

All of them, though, are looking significantly better than they used to. Witness:



  • June 29, 2007

    Ram from France

    They’re totally better than a few years ago, but they still don’t got it. Geri looks like a stupid farm girl, Victoria is skinnier than ever (her boobs are 70% of her weigh). The less worse definitely is Mel C (oh my god I still do know the names !)

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  • July 26, 2007



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  • October 22, 2007


    I absolutely loved Spice Girls in their original form and now they look plain bad. They were fantastic because there was nothing serius about them. It was fun and they were colorful, noisy and joung girls that I loved. Now they aren’t anything interesting to me.
    They got 100 times worse, IMHO.

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  • December 2, 2007


    Wow they look so much better, soccer moms unite! The Fat and Frompy of America is gonna love this new look, this time they wont hate them cause their hot. Why don’t they rename themselves the spicey soccer moms and head out on the mini van matinee tour, it’ll be great. Scary looks like shes at a job interview, baby looks prego, ginger has the Mrs. Rooper moo moo goin on, sporty look like a dude, oh and how dare that Posche continue to look hot, I mean what does she think she’s in the entertainment business?

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  • January 15, 2008

    Armine Abrahamyan

    I absolutely hate implant ants, see how they look.

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  • April 4, 2009


    I remember the spice girls…i wanted (really really really wanted) a pair of high heel, sparkley silver platforms. yop. i was 7?8?9?, and now, the feet they say no.

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  • July 1, 2009

    Alexa Jarman

    Dear Spice Girls 7/1/2009
    I have always wanted to meet you.I love your music but my favorite one was Spice Up Your World.That is my all time how has things been going for you guys?Hope every thing has been going well.Guest what i have all your dolls and I have your guys movie call Spice World it is my favorite movie.You 5 girls changed a lot.Emma do you still have the huge shoes.Those shoes are really pretty. Well I GOT TO GO BYE BYE FOR NOW SCARY, BABY,GINGER,POSH,AND SPORTY.Write me back ASAP

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