I have a nice skirt that consists of a purple …

Comment on The ‘Skirts With Windows’ movement reaches its natural conclusion with Topshop’s mesh seam skirt by Sibylla.

I have a nice skirt that consists of a purple layer underneath and a sheer black layer overtop. So this skirt could actually look pretty nice with another skirt underneath.

Other than that, it’s disgusting. I hope I never have to see someone wear this without an underskirt.

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Daylight Robbery: Augusta’s $1,794 dumpster boots
I really like the boots. They look comfortable, and I like the kind of grungy worn look.

However, they look awfully similar to the pair of 5-year-old desert boots I have that I paid $15 for. I don’t get why people pay a lot of money to look grungy and worn-out. It’s just pre-ripped jeans, only worse.

Harem Hell: Vivienne Westwood’s ‘sweater pants’
I am a huge Vivienne Westwood fan and like nearly everything she makes. That is why I am extra shocked now! Words cannot truly describe how hideous those pants are.

Yves Saint Laurent proves that leather isn’t always sexy
Holy crapola! I can barely comprehend the awfulness! Why would anyone make a baggy leather jumpsuit? It’s the worst combo ever – trashy but completely unsexy. Oh, and it manages to make the twiggy model look chunky. Great.

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