The ‘Skirts With Windows’ movement reaches its natural conclusion with Topshop’s mesh seam skirt

This is what happens when you allow the skirts with windows we showed you last week to exist unchecked.

First there was Boutique’s maxi skirt, with a “window” from the knee down. It was ugly, but not indecent. We decided to let it live. Then there was Karl Lagerfeld’s mini skirt with window on the thighs. It, too, was ugly, and it also started to ring the alarm bells, because once you’ve allowed something like that to exist, you’ve just paved the way for … Topshop’s mesh seam skirt! Which is basically just all window, not so much skirt, isn’t it? Topshop obviously looked at the other two examples, thought, “We can do better than that!”, and this is what they came up with.  It’s funnier when viewed from the back, but the front is exactly the same:

Of course, if this was meant to be an UNDERSKIRT, that would be a different matter altogether. That’s what we thought it was, at first, and we were OK with that. It’s not, though: it’s in the “skirts” section rather than the “lingerie” one, and, well, it’s the kind of thing Topshop do, isn’t it?  How do you think they expect us to wear it, though? Presumably NOT as shown on the mannequin, but … HOW? Gwyneth Paltrow style, perhaps? We shudder to think. If you have a way to wear it, though:

a) Please, do tell!

b) Buy it here, for £22

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