The Skirt Legging: Handy or horrible?


The item you see above you is both a classic example of Clothes That Are Stuck Together, AND, at first glance, looked a little bit like a pair of drop-crotch pants.

You'd expect us to absolutely hate then, then, no?

But we don't. Or not really, anyway. Now that we've come to terms with the presence of leggings in our lives (something we never thought would happen, but it's funny how these things creep up on you), we can actually see how these skirt leggings could come in handy. After all, it's one more weapon in the fight against Leggings Worn As Pants, and that can only really be a good thing. Plus, it'll eliminate the need to keep searching for tops that are the perfect length to wear over leggings, and we appreciate that, too. So no, we don't think we actually hate these.

Or maybe we've just taken leave of our senses?

What do you think, readers: do you love or loathe this latest evolution of the legging – the fashion trend that just won't die?

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