The shoes that broke The Fashion Police’s hearts…


These shoes have broken our hearts. They’re by Vivienne Westwood, and while we know they’re not going to be to everyone’s tastes (far from it, actually), The Fashion Police sometimes go for things that are super-girlie and a little bit extravagant looking, and Vivienne Westwood caters to that very well. In fact, rarely does she create something we don’t like. Also: these shoes are only £75. Seventy. Five. Pounds. For Vivienne Westwood. It just doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Oh no, wait: it does. Because these shoes are part of Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with Melissa. Yes, that’s the same Melissa that made the weird golf-course shoes we arrested last year, and who’re best known for making shoes out of rubber. Like these, for instance.

Yes, folks, they’re made out of rubber. They are rubber slingbacks. Suddenly they’re looking a whole lot less attractive to us, somehow…

If you’re not put off, either by the style or by the materials, you can get them at Browns.

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