The reverse mullet skirt: Rick Owens’ asymmetric skort

Rick Owens asymmetric skortAt first glance we thought this was just a skirt: but look closer.  There is, in fact, a pair of shorts peeking out from under the front hemline.:

From the back it does indeed look like just a skirt, creating some sort of reverse mullet skirt which is surely a crime of fashion in itself?  But these are the short version of those skirts-attached-to-trousers that were so popular in the late 1990s.  And that can’t possibly be a good thing.  Can it?  Tell us below, and if you want to buy this item, it is $950 at Saks Fifth Avenue.


  • May 9, 2011


    1. It’s shapeless and not flattering regardless of the skirt.
    2. It’s way too expensive.
    3. If those were cycling pants instead of bloomers I might even give the ensemble some approval for the general idea. The way it is now: No, thanks.

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  • May 9, 2011


    This looks like it belongs on the set of a 70’s sci-fi.

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