The Resume Tee gets you hired. Possibly.


In these dark days of economic decline, it’s important to market yourself in any way you can – and if that means pimping your mad filing skillz while you’re standing in line at the supermarket, well, so be it. The Resume Tee lets you walk around with your entire resume printed on your back, while your front bears a funny/cheeky/pushy message advertising the fact that you’re “available”. If that sounds ever so slightly desperate to you, well, you’ve probably never found yourself out of work with two months rent due…

The shirt comes with a bunch of pre-defined slogans to choose from, including the simple “hire me”, the pragmatic “My resume is on the back of my shirt” and the cheeky “Your future employee”, plus a few more. Or, of course, if you really want to show how creative you are, you can make up your own. These are $20 from Blackbird Tees, and there are also versions available for freelancers.


  • September 1, 2008


    Hi! Thanks so much for the material you publish I found it really useful as i have a blog that combines fashion and humor.Of course there is always a link to this site , and if I forget to link it , that’s my own absentmindness.
    I’m also looking for a steady job so I should take into account this girls’s advice.
    Anyway the eleganciacero (Zero elegance) t-shirt is to be created soon. I thought of giving it as a gift to the people that makes me laugh everyday with their comments.
    Keep on writing with this acid humor of yours! 😀

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  • September 1, 2008


    Hmmmmm. I get being desperate enough to do this, but if I was an employer I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hire anyone who wore that thing.

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  • September 1, 2008


    This is so funny. I guess its effectiveness would depend on whether your desired employer had a sense of humor; I might use it if I was going for an advertising or PR job:)

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