The Non-Cover-Up: Mark Fast Mesh And Fringe Dress With Halter Neck

Mark Fast beach dress

We were all ready to set the emergency siren wailing and slide down the pole in the HQ (That’s how things work around here, by the way. We may be Fashion Police, but for the real emergencies, we react more like Fashion Fire Fighters.), until we read the product description and realised this is actually a “beach dress”. After that, we called off the red alert, but we have to admit, we’re still pretty confused, because seriously: what’s the point?

Call us old-fashioned (many people do), but we’ve always operated under the assumption that a beach cover-up is supposed to do exactly that: cover you up, either when you’ve had too much sun, or when you didn’t bother to follow Cosmo’s “Beach Body Diet!” and don’t wan’t everyone staring at your flabby bits.

This “dress” – and we use the word in its loosest possible sense – does neither of those things. It offers little-to-no protection from the sun (although, if you’re not wearing sunscreen, you could end up with some interesting tan lines…) and it won’t actually cover you up, either, so we’re left with the conclusion that this is just a really easy way to spend £168 and not have much to show for it.

Want to do that? This is available at ASOS, and you can click here to buy it.

Mark fast beach cover up

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