The Mystery of the Foil Joggers, by KTZ

OK, here’s the deal: if anyone can give us a plausible-sounding reason why you’d want to buy a pair of see-through jogging pants (complete with visible pockets and label: classy), we will BUY the aforementioned jogging pants, as a gift from The Fashion Police to you.

Um, OK, not really. The ARE £130, after all, and we don’t really want to encourage this kind of thing.

We’d still love to hear your reasons, though…

(Click here to buy them)


  • March 31, 2011

    Nikki G

    Some things just should not be explained. Some things, like these pants, should not be made.

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  • April 4, 2011


    what twisted mind comes up with this!?

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  • April 15, 2011


    What the duck?

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